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Welcome to the Imperial Palace

The culinary delight of China depends on the art of mixing and blending colors, aroma, flavors and textures of food. We proudly present many of the best loved Chinese dishes from Peking, Hunan, Szechwan, Shanghai and Canton which take all of these factors into consideration. You will note the selected use of garnishes, nuts, spices, and seasonings, as well as the selection and cut of fresh vegetables, to create a culinary delight.

At the Imperial Palace, we specialize in Mandarin, Szechwan, and Hunan cuisine; nevertheless, we offer several favorite Cantonese dishes. Our entire staff at the Imperial Palace wishes you the ultimate in dining pleasure.

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Lo Mein


We prepare all of our entrées from scratch to your order using the highest quality meats and the freshest produce available. Our cooking process ensures consistency in flavors, textures, and quality of our dishes each time they are prepared.

We strive to honor any special requests that you may have.

Crab Rangoons


Taste the home-made difference of our award-winning appetizers.

Select from a wide variety of classic favorites or one of our Imperial Palace original creations. We use 100% vegetable oil for cooking.



You will want to save room for one of our delicious cocktails!  Indulge in one of our delicious Polynesian cocktails like the Flaming Volcano, Mai Tai, or Zombie or try one of house specialty plum wines or hot sake.  After dinner enjoy a refreshing Mudslide or Grasshopper.

Come and experience the Imperial Palace difference!

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